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  • Lisa Tanzman

2015 Message from the Founder

Camp Erutan is an anchor for its campers


Dear Friends of Camp Erutan,

The world is a very crazy place right now for everyone.  Many of us have an emergency action plan – people to call, places to meet, emergency bags to grab.  Imagine what it is like for our campers who don’t even have a family they can turn to.

For most of our campers, Camp Erutan is their only anchor.

Earlier this year we held a session of camp on the central coast of California for some young adults who have been a part of the Camp Erutan family since they were very young.  Now, ranging in age from 20 – 30 years old, they were in need of a safe environment to speak about what’s been going on in their lives and to face some of their fears.  It was very emotional and quite enlightening for all of us who were there.  We talked, made journals, collaged, hiked, laughed, cried, cooked and sat fireside beneath the stars.  By the end of the session, spirits were high and old baggage was discarded.  For most campers and former campers, Camp Erutan is the only safety net they have and I am happy to report that the session was a turning point for all who attended.

East Hampton camp was equally intense and uplifting.  We reunited last year’s campers and also invited some new children to join the group.  The new campers fit right in and together with the returnees were able to pick up where we left off last year.  One camp highlight was the squashes the campers planted in our garden last summer were ready to be harvested.  The campers were able to pick what they sowed, which was a gratifying experience for everyone.  Farming at camp allows the campers to be part of a community where they feel important and appreciated for their participation.  This is an important aspect of what camp offers these children; an opportunity to feel valued, self-confident, and like they belong.

We continue to hear from former campers who attended Camp Erutan as far back as 1988.  For many, we are the only positive link to their childhood and as they grow up and have children of their own, they want to share with us what is happening in their lives.

Your continued support allows us to make an impactful difference.  Camp Erutan could not exist without you and your financial contribution.  We hope we can count on you again this year so we’re able to continue helping children in need.

With heartfelt appreciation, I thank you for all you have done and continue to do.  I wish you and your family and friends a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season filled with love.

Lisa Tanzman Founder & Director

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