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2021 Camp Experiences

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

2021 has been a year filled with uncertainty due to the pandemic and COVID-19 protocols. Because of this, we were unable to host Camp Erutan at any of our locations – California, New York or Hawaii – but didn’t want our long term campers to miss out on another summer of camp.

Thanks to the very generous support of some of our donor families, we were able to send these campers to other camps that had a full medical staff and were following protocols. Campers attended either a coding and programing camp at Sarah Lawrence College or a traditional summer camp in New Hampshire where they participated as campers or CIT’s (counselors in training). I hope you enjoy some of the camper letters about their experiences.

Lisa Tanzman



Hello Ms. Lisa, it is Zamian here. I am emailing you this letter of my experience at Camp Hawkeye. During my experience at Camp Hawkeye I have had a bunch of moments I enjoyed and very little that I disliked. There were very few moments that I didn't like because most of the time I was having fun talking or experiencing labor, eating meals, playing group or village activities as a CIT (Counselor In Training). As a CIT I was responsible for making sure the campers were involved during the Camp Hawkeye experience. Here are some of the things I got to enjoy as a camper: the food was absolutely delicious. We had food like homemade pizza every Wednesday evening, we also had brunches. I also belonged to one of the four villages which are named Snake, Owl, Boar, Phoenix. These four villages are composed of all the campers, staff and admin (Garret is the only exception). These villages compete to win the summer of that year. The Owl's won this year. Among these four villages I belonged to the Snake Village which was the best village in my opinion because it was pretty well balanced. My favorite part of camp was all the amazing people that I have met during the 8 weeks that I stayed. I have forged a bond that hopefully will last a lifetime. My only issue was the first week — I despised the first week. It was always raining and it made what could have been an awesome first week miserable. Everyone was feeling down and depressed and the water system wasn't working properly. Overall though I really enjoyed myself. It was an awesome experience, everyone was very welcoming and I grew to appreciate what I am as a person and what I bring to the table as my experience at camp was coming to an end. Although it was short I really did enjoy seeing my sister Precious, Amy, and Athina. I hope to see Anteus next year.

Thank you,



Dear Camp Erutan, Explo is a great camp that consists of many enjoyable activities. The breakfast is immaculate, the schedule is also great. We had a modest amount of time to relax, which I found pleasurable because it gave us a chance to calm down before the evening event. The staff and the other campers were very inviting, accepting, and people I could relate to. They created a positive environment that I felt comfortable in. The rooms weren't terrible, but the lighting in my specific room was bleak and ineffective. The terrain was very mountainous which provided a challenge when traversing. Every other aspect of the camp was great.

Sincerely, Anteus


Dear Sponsor, I really enjoyed my time at camp this year. I do wish to go back next year as my experience and the people were great. I really appreciate you paying for my time at camp because it allowed me to experience something new and indulge in new and old hobbies. Once again I really appreciate you for paying for my time at camp.



Dear Ms. Lisa,

First of all, Happy Birthday!! I love having you in my life. You are the reason for some of my greatest memories. Your positivity and kindness has really had a massive impact on my life. Each year on multiple occasions you extend your arms to do something amazing for us. Camp Erutan has provided me with a safe haven and a second family for me to interact with, and the only reason I have such a community is because of you. You taught me to be myself no matter what others think, you helped me to make new bonds. I am thankful to have been blessed with a person like you in my life, so thank you. Thank you for the memories, friendships, stylish wardrobe, beads, airpods, water bottles, compassion, sweaters, my happy beads from previous years, and every other addition that you have had on my life and on the lives of the people around you. I can't wait to see you again and reunite with the rest of camp. Happy belated birthday.

With love,



Dear Camp Erutan,

I am extremely grateful for the computer you purchased for me. This laptop will allow me to create programs and finish homework assignments. I will also be able to communicate with my friend and correspond with them about assignments. Thank you very much. With love, Anteus

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