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  • Lisa Tanzman

2014 Message from the Founder

We missed a year of camp in 2013


February 2014

Recently Elaine told me CAMP ERUTAN only raised $9,000 in 2013. I reminded her that I never sent a letter asking for money in 2013.

2013 was a challenging year for me, culminating with back surgery in May. I'm happy to report I am doing great. Full recovery is 1 year, so I am making plans for camp as soon as I'm cleared to erect tents and sleep on the ground.

Our CAMP ERUTAN activities for 2013 primarily consisted of me counseling past campers who are now young adults at crossroads in their lives with nowhere and no one to turn to. I feel very honored and humbled that we have campers who reach out to me when they need someone to talk with and share what is going on for them.

CAMP ERUTAN is an anchor in a safe harbor for all who have attended. Thank you for making this possible with your continued support.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Lisa Tanzman Founder & Director

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